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Item ID Author Title
07-4Q90-KLOH Ewing, Alfred Washington The Man of Room 40: The Life of Sir Alfred Ewing
07-5WEZ-LETM Durham, Michael S. The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America: The Mid-Atlantic States
07-73UE-LGVR Borklund, Carl W. Men of The Pentagon - From Forrestal to McNamara
07-8IJW-LNMM Buckmaster, Maurice They Fought Alone, The Story of British Agents in France
07-FOAP-LDL0 Clarfield, Gerard H. United States Diplomatic History: From Revolution To Empire, Vol. 1 To 1914
0B-9IY7-4ZN4 Byrne, J.V. General Salutes a Soldier: With the Special Air Service and the Commandos in World War Two



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